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Audio Recordings


2017 gcmEQUIP Workshops:

Being a Shepherd to Children – Sheryl Grunwald

Beyond Success to Significance – Jack Wegoki

Children as Servant Leaders – Lydia Wonget

Children in Ministry – Gerlyn De Jesus

Children’s Camp – Carmari Strobos and Pastor Gilala

Counseling Children and Families Part 2 – Pastor Larry

Deeper Knowing – Olga Zaitseva

Deeper Spiritual Formation – Lydia Wonget

Equipping Christian Youth to Reach the Next Generation of Vulnerable Children – Craig Greenfield

Experiential Learning – Mohan Kumar

From Disconnected to Connected and Equipped – Janice Franzen

Hope and Healing for Damaged Children – Janice Franzen

Inviting Children into God’s Big Story – C. P.

My Christian Life Map – Jacky Wegoki

Object Lessons – Pastor Larry

Partnership with Children in Community Health Evangelism – Jody Collinge and Jo Kijabe

Preschool – Olga Zaitseva

Reaching Children Part 2 – Anto

Sexual Abuse Awareness from an Egyptian Perspective – H. S.

Simply the Story – John Nderitu

Sports as a Discipleship Tool –  Njoki Mutua

Technology and Children’s Ministry – Norv Brown

The Art of Asking Questions and the Finer Art of Questioning the Question – Mohan Kumar

The Role of Stories in Bringing Generations Together – Gerhard Storbos

Therapeutic Stories in Walking with Wounded Children – Gerhard Storbos

Working with Kids to Explore our Communities – Jody Collinge & Jo Kijabe

2016 gcmEQUIP Workshops:

Creative Bible Teaching – Connie McKenzie

Discipling Emerging Entrepeneurs – Greg Fritz

Dynamic Tools for Children to Investigate Their Community – Jody Collinge

Foundations for Loving and Secure Family Relationships – Janice Franzen

Hope for Children Who Struggle – Janice Franzen

Ideas to Include in Your Community Outreach Program – Alberto Sotres

Inductive Bible Study for Oral Learners – Dr. Larry Dinkins

Key Cornerstone Values for World Without Orphans – Lubo Hlavacka

Kids Hubs Media – Pearl Ganta

Leading Across Cultures – Sheryl Grunwald

Object Lessons and Games – Kimberle Fowle

Spiritual Leadership – Pastor Larry W.

Sports Are A Tool to Multiply Disciples – Alberto Sotres

Teaching Babies and Toddlers – Connie McKenzie

Team Building – Greg Fritz

Tech and Today’s Children’s Ministry – Norv Brown

Understanding Abuse & How We can Prevent it – Barbara Ruegger

Where are the Boys? – Dr. Glenn Miles

2015 gcmEQUIP General Sessions:

General Session 1 – Harmony Hensley

General Session 2 – Ruby Johnston

General Session 3 – Toninardi Wijono

General Session 4 – Amberbir Tamire

General Session 5 – Panel

2015 gcmEQUIP Workshops:

Accelerate – Ten Presenters

Children – God’s Secret Agent – Jody Collinge

Creative Family Ministry in a High Tech, Video World – Norv Brown

Kids Hub 2 – How to make a video with your phone – Pearl Ganta

Leadership Matters in Children’s Ministry – Greg Baird

Leading and Managing Change in Your Ministry – Greg Baird

Leading Kids to Christ in a Twitter World – Karen Helmuth

Object Lessons Answering Kids Toughest Questions – Sylvia Foth

Simply the Story – Inductive Bible Study Oral Style – Larry Dinkins

The BIBLICAL Rights of Children for your Church – Gary & Paula Hayes

Think Orange – Norv Brown

Training Youth to Absorb and Tell Effective Bible Stories – Larry Dinkins

Worship Camp – Jonathan Stone